What If You Lost Your Website?

Casual businesswoman resting head on deskThere are many reasons to backup your WordPress blog and make sure you always have a copy of it in case something goes wrong.

  • Your database might crash,
  • you might accidentally delete some of your posts or files, or
  • you might even need to roll back to an earlier version of your WordPress blog.

It's a simple fact that computers fail all the time. A hard drive might crash out and many people don't realize that your website could be simply sitting on a computer server somewhere that is vulnerable to data loss.

But if you've backed up your WordPress site, you can restore it later on and get access to it any time you want. Even if everything goes wrong, you can set it up again exactly the way it was when you last backed it up.

And despite database crashes...you might accidentally delete something.  I know...I do that all the time!  You might delete the wrong comment, the wrong blog post and even empty the trash and never have a way to get that back.

I know that sometimes even previous web hosts that I've used may be fixing a database issue and they will delete something on accident. So even if you think you'll never make a mistake...you just might delete something and it's better to be safe than sorry.

It's worth taking those few seconds to backup your WordPress blog so that you can get it back whenever you need to.

Speaking of getting stuff back whenever you need to...would you write a 50 page term paper in Microsoft Word and never save it along the way? Of course not.

You might type one page and save it, another page and save it. Why not treat your WordPress blog like a Word document? Which means you might set up the WordPress theme, now you want to take a backup right at that point. Then add in some extra posts, take a backup right there.  Every week take a backup so if you ever need to get back to an earlier part - you can!

That's why you should backup your WordPress blog...in case your database crashes, you accidentally delete some stuff, or you need to go back to an earlier version.

One other thing to consider.  I always recommend to my clients when they purchase their domains, to choose to host their website at a different company.

The reason you want your domains purchased at another place than your server is that if your server goes down and you HAVE to have your site back up and running right away, you can use your backup to restore your site to a new server and then go to your domain and point it to the new server.

If your domain is at the server that is down, then there is no way to get in to change where your domain is pointing to.

Either way you should backup your WordPress blog right away, right now!  I've tried many different backup plugins and finally found one that is the easiest, most reliable backup system I've used AND it lets you schedule it so it is automatic!

Use this backup plugin to safely keep copies of your WordPress blog - https://designitdigital.com/recommends/backup.  Yes, now.  You will be so glad you did!