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WordPress and any plugins we use need to stay updated on a regular basis which keeps your website functioning properly and helps to avoid getting hacked or malware.) We do that for you.

Backup Service. (You have peace of mind knowing that if anything should happen to your website... get hacked, server goes down, etc… you have a backed up copy in a secure cloud location.)  In the event your website is hacked, I will restore your website to a previous backup at no extra charge.   **Please note: This works well if the backups are not copies of the hacked website.  Prompt notification of any suspicion of hacking or virus is necessary.)

See bottom of page for further Feature descriptions.


  • Secure off-site backup
  • WordPress and Theme Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Database and Files security
  • Spam maintenance and cleanup
  • Cleanup Post Revisions Log
  • Optimize database for speed
  • Website check for broken links
  • Regular Security checks
  • Free website restore
  • One hour per month ($85 value) of revisions and changes each month equals a $50 savings! Hour must be used during the month it is awarded - does not roll-over into the next month if unused.)


$40 per month


$75 per month

*Secure off-site backup: It’s important to always have backups of your website data and files and database incase of data loss. This can happen if you should accidentally delete something on your site while editing, or it can happen if your website server goes down and loses your data due to “acts of God”, you know….it’s not their fault. So, because of that, it is also important to have your backups off -site, meaning, not on your server or on your computer. You can have them there, but you should also have them somewhere else secure.  I put them on a secure, reliable cloud server.

*WordPress Theme Updates:  WordPress developers regularly release new updates packed with new features, added functionality, bug fixes, security fixes and more. Most importantly, they do their best to react quickly to any security exploits or hacker attacks. That’s why it’s important to always stay up-to-date.

*WordPress Plugin Updates:  Same as WordPress Theme Updates.

*Database and Files Security:  You can have malware on your site and not know about it.  I have special tools that monitor the integrity of your website and scan for malware.  If you get hacked, I can restore a previous clean backup.

*Spam maintenance and cleanup:  Cleaning up spam can be time consuming and annoying.  Additonally, having too much spam sitting in your database can also slow down your site.  I take care of all of that for you and put systems in place to do everything I can to keep that spam outta there in the first place!  However, even the best spam filters will stop you from seeing the spam, but it’s still in your database.

*Cleanup Post Revisions Log:  Every time you revise a post, it keeps extra information in your database.  I keep your post revisions log clean so that your website doesn’t get bogged down.

*Optimize WordPress database for speed:  Keeping an optimized database is an important part of running your WordPress website.  Over time, your database will build up overhead that slows down your website and compromises performance.  I keep it in tip-top shape by regularly cleaning up that overhead to keep your site optimized.

*Website check and fix for broken links:  It’s terrible to have broken links and not know about it.  This is also discouraging to your viewers.  Sometimes you might link to something and then, down the road, that link is not longer viable.  I monitor and fix those links for you.

*Regular Security Checks (including malware, suspicious activity, malicious hacks, and spam):  This goes without saying.  Super safety feature.  But in case it still happens, we have backups to restore your site to it's former version.

*Free website restore in case of data loss:  If for any reason you need your website restored to a previous saved backup copy – I will take care of that for you.  I had a client who frantically called me because her website was suddenly gone.  Her server had no explanation.  Luckily I had backup copies of her site and had her up and running in a few short minutes.  No need to panic!

*If you choose the Premium Maintenance, you get one additional hour per month for content and website design changes and tweaks ($85 value) at a $50 savings!  This is a great value if you feel that you need additional time from me for work on your website.  (Please note that unused time does not rollover to the next month.)

**NOTE:  You can upgrade or downgrade plans or cancel at any time.  Service will change or stop at the end of the 30 days.