About Me

Cindy at laptop

Design It Digital was created because of my love for good design and my love for computers, the internet and marketing!

Back in the 'dinosaur days', I worked as a secretary for various companies. I started with a memory typewriter and then moved up the ranks as the technology became available. My first computer was an IBM PC (no hard drive.) I took extra time after work at each job to thoroughly learn the equipment and software I was using.

Starting my own secretarial service called Professional Pages, I was able to work from home for companies while also adding software consultation where I helped businesses decide on the right software for their needs. I enjoyed working as a free-lance computer consultant and also added desktop publishing and web design to my list of services.

specialsale copyYears later discovering that I could scrapbook on the computer, I was hooked! I did some digital graphic design, opened a digital scrapbook boutique, and then later started publishing a magazine all about hybrid scrapbooking (traditional and digital scrapbooking combined!) After a year of publishing, I saw the wisdom of publishing it all online and began adding online video classes teaching people how to use their computer to scrapbook and share online.


I've also enjoyed being a guest host on several episodes of Scrapbook Memories TV Show.



I love what I do! I love learning about new technology and helping others benefit from it, making business run smoother and more efficiently.